Saturday, January 5, 2013

BlackHawk Swimmers One Quart Canteen Pouch

Swimmers One Quart Canteen Pouch

 From : 2001 BlackHawk Full Line Product Catalog

BlackHawk Tactical one quart canteen pouch is virtually identical to the current military issue, except this is designed with up-to-date specifications. The BlackHawk model does not have the insulated fur liner, which absorbs water and adds pounds of weight to your gear .The canteen is held in place by a double flap with two Durasnaps . The Bottom is made of heavy duty coated mesh for quick water drainage during river and streaming crossing . It attaches to your belt with our BTS belt loops or alice clips .Made of coated 1000 denier Nytaneon nylon for water and abrasion resistance .

Weight: 4oz
Black /Olive Green

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