Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Czech Army Pocket bandage pattern 80

AČR Kapesní Obvaz vzor 80

Pocket bandage pattern 80,Pocket bandage pattern 80, type II (hereinafter referred to as pocket dressing) is part of the medical equipment of every soldier. Be replaced in service since 1984, handheld bandage II model 60, ​​which does not have some features contemporary requirements. It is designed for first aid (in the form of self-help or mutual aid), especially when firearms and area of open wounds, even large, respectively. multiple. It is also designed to cover wounds and burns to prevent its secondary microbial contamination. Used to temporarily stop venous bleeding and bleeding from most of the peripheral arteries. It is suitable for initial treatment of deep burns and small-scale (up to 3.5% of body surface). Cover Pocket bandage, whose inside is sterile, can be used for closure of open pneumothorax improvised with penetrating chest injuries.

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