Sunday, December 9, 2012

British Army Disciple Admin Panel Pouch

Disciple Admin Panel Pouch
Multi-Camo Pattern

 Thanks to Nick from Drop Zone Supplies

 Photo Credit : Here

The Disciple Admin/Compass pouch is now a standard classic for troops deploying on ops.
The front of the pouch is covered in Velcro so that you can attach your Blood Group patch
or Union flag patch.

There is also a light pouch that will take most Surefire torches, multi tool or a 9mm stacked
magazine. We have replaced the normal webbing on the pocket flap and manufactured it in
Multi-Camo material to match the rest of the pouch.

Behind the font panel are two pockets that will accommodate a Rite in the Rain
notebook, compass or pens.

  • Front Pouch for Crib & Language Cards
  • Flash Light Pouch for Easy Access
  • Large Female Velcro Panel for Blood & Allergy Info
  • Fits to all MOLLE Compatible Vests & Rigs
17 x 18.5 Cm


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