Monday, November 26, 2012

SADF Patt 61/64 Water Bottle

SADF / Rhodesia Pattern 61/64 Water Bottle with Pouch
Rhodesian Army Water Bottle
Feldflasche, Bundeswehr, 2.Modell
Feldlfaschen Modell 56

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Rhodesian Army Water Bottle. These bottles were manufactured in South Africa and used by the Rhodesian Armed Forces
Original early water bottle/cup issued with the Patt. 61 and 64 SA Army webbing (listed separately) Was also used by SAP and Rhodesian forces during the Bush War.

1 litre Aluminium bottle w/green plastic cap & 2 piece green plastic coating & green plastic cup with wire handles. Bilingual DON'T HEAT warning around the neck. Complete with leather & khaki web carry strap system with metal hardware. NOTE: Rust on buckle & D-ring. Rust stains on webbing. Handles are replacements made from heavy guage chrome

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