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Czechoslovak Army Mess Kit - ČSLA Ešus

Vojenský ešus
Ešus II.jakost

Ešus II.jakost mess tin - set food bowls

Canteen original outfits from ACR - the tin kit consists of two bowls with a handle and lid.
  • Larger bowl volume of approximately 1.2 liters
  • Smaller bowl volume of about 0.8 liters
  • Cover about 0.3 liters
  • Material - aluminum

Made in the Czech Republic or Slovakia

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Esus is originally slang term for a metal bowl or dining set or dining trays used to eat in the field, mutilation incurred esšálek designation (from the German Eßschale, canteen)

A typical three-piece aluminum mess tin used to be a set consisting of two bowls with handles and lids. Its advantage is the relative ease unbreakability and easy washability. 

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Cover mess tin cortex - camo model. 98

Tip: to fit smaller spoon into a mess tin , bend it

Photo : Here 

Ešus originally slang (later almost neutral) term for a metal bowl or a dining set dining trays for catering field, resulting truncation sign esšálek (from the German Eßschale, canteen). Originally used for military field catering, mess tins, however, still widely used in tramping and hiking, the children's camps and similar purposes.

A typical three-piece aluminum mess tins had been set consisting of two bowls with lids and brackets. Its advantage is the relative lightness, unbreakable and easy washability. For health reasons, aluminum cookware is not particular actions recommended for children and aluminum mess tins is often replaced with either stainless steel mess tins or bowls, or retreat from the field of cooking and eating.

Klasický třídílný hliníkový jídlonosič, tzv. "ešus". Skládá se ze dvou nádob s držáky a víka.

Classic three-piece aluminum lunch box, the "mess-tin." It consists of two containers with handles and lids.


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