Friday, April 27, 2012

Intrenching Tool Collapsible M1967

M1967 Tri-folding E-Tool and Case
M1967 Collapsible Entrenching Tool


Carrier, Entrenching Tool - The M-1967 nylon Entrenching tool carrier was replaced by a molded one manufactured from ethylene-vinyl acetate [EVA].

Carrier, Entrenching Tool - The Entrenching tool carrier is molded of ethylene-vinyl acetate [EVA] and the top flap is secured by means of two metal snap fasteners. It attaches to the individual equipment belt by means of two belt-strap keepers with interlocking slides. The Entrenching tool carrier is designed to accommodate the lightweight collapsible Entrenching Tool, Hand [NSN 5120-00-878-5932].

The tool is capable of being used as a shovel when fully extended and as pick when the shovel blade is locked in positioned at a 90-degree angle. Intrenching tool features: a hinged shovel; D-type hand grip; one serrated cutting blade edge; one axe blade


Carrier, Entrenching Tool Intrenching Tool Collapsible Lightweight (Nylon)
NSN# 8465-935-6826 
Experimental, Belt loop and M-1910 wire hanger for attachment

Second Model
Belt clips on the back, a plastic buckle on the front, the sides are reinforced with plastic on the inside
Has front quick buckle closure pocket
Two alice clips on the back to attach to your ALICE equipment ( vest or pack )
Approx. Size  1.75" x 6" x 10"

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