Monday, April 9, 2012

Finskyttegevær GV M/66 - Gevær M/75

Finskyttegevær GV M/66
Gevær M/75

G3A5: HK assigned model number for the HK-made Danish version of the G3A3. It differs in that it has a silent bolt-closure device. 
In Danish service it is known as the Gv M/66. The Gv M/66 was originally intended for use with optics as a designated marksman rifle, while the rest of the squad were issued M1 Garands.

M/66 rifle was introduced in the Home Guard in 1966 - till around  2008

Danish standard issue Gv m/75 was a standard G3A3, which replaced the Garand in 1975, whereby it
came to be called the Model 75

 Gevær M75 Link : Here

Caliber: 7.62 x 51 mm NATO

Magazine: 20 rounds
Caliber:                                7.62 mm
Weight:                                   4.3 kg.
Length                                102 cm
Magazine capacity:                  20 Cartridges
Rate of fire:                       600-700 shots / min
Effective shooting distance:             500 m (without Rifle Scope)

Sight Binocular M/66

Weight:              650 grams
Magnification:     4 times

The G3A3 (Gv M/75) is now replaced with the Canadian Diemaco C7's and C8's (carbines) whereas the formerly main role of the G3A5 (Gv M/66) as a sharpshooting rifle is today taken over by Sako precision rifles.

GV M/66 Today is phased out by the Home Guard. M/66 rifle from H & K has since evolved into more specialized 7.62 x 51 mm Sniper rifle : G3SG / 1, MSG-90, PSG-1 and PS 417 , all from Heckler & Koch.

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