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Daewoo K2 Assault Rifle

Daewoo  K2  Assault Rifle

The Daewoo Precision Industries K2 is an assault rifle of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, manufactured by Daewoo Precision Industries. It is a shoulder-fired, gas-operated, selective-fire assault rifle that feeds from a 20 or 30 round magazine and is chambered for 5.56 NATO. The K2 replaced the M16A1 rifle in South Korean military use in 1984. The K2 formally entered South Korean military service in 1987.

K1 carbine and K2 rifle

While the K1/K1A carbine is commonly regarded as a carbine version of the K2, it is better to consider the K1 a separate carbine because:
  • The K1 was developed earlier than the K2.
  • The K1 uses direct impingement gas system, while the K2 uses a long stroke gas piston system.
  • The K1 has a 1-in-12 rifling twist for KM193 (5.56 mm) rounds, while the K2 has a 1-in-7.3 rifling twist for both the KM193 (5.56 mm) rounds and the K100 (5.56 mm) green tip, full metal jacket rounds.
  • The K1 was originally developed as a sub-machine gun, not as an assault carbine.
Type Assault rifle

Place of origin  Republic of Korea

In service 1984–present

Daewoo Precision Industries

Specifications Weight 3.26 kg Length 980 mm,

730 mm with folded stock

Barrel length 465 mm

Cartridge 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Action Gas operated, 

Rotating bolt Rate of fire 750 RPM 

Muzzle velocity 920 m/s (SS109), 960 m/s (M193) 

Effective range 500-600 m (SS109), 460 m (M193) 

Maximum range 2400 m Feed system Various 

STANAG Magazines.

Sights Iron sights

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