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CETME Model L - CETME Model C


The Model L is a Spanish 5.56mm assault rifle developed in the late 1970s at the state-owned small arms research and development establishment CETME (Centro de Estudios Técnicos de Materiales Especiales) located in Madrid. The rifle retains many of the proven design elements the institute had used previously in its Model A, B and C series of battle rifles.

Cetme LC-1 
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The weapon was successfully trialled between 1981–1982 and approved for serial production in 1984 at the Empresa Nacional Santa Bárbara factory (currently Santa Bárbara Sistemas, integrated into General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems division). The Model L replaced the 7.62mm CETME Model C in service with the Spanish Army and the first rifles were delivered in 1987, by which time orders for approximately 60,000 had been placed. It has now been largely replaced in Spanish service with a license-built variant of the Heckler & Koch G36E.

Cetme Curved 20 round mags 7.62x51
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The Model L is a selective fire, roller-delayed blowback firearm. The weapon features a semi-rigid two-piece bolt mechanism that consists of a bolt head and a supporting angular locking piece. During the "unlocking" sequence, the two cylindrical rollers contained in the bolt head are cammed inward against inclined flanks of the barrel extension and act upon the locking piece and bolt carrier, propelling it rearward at a velocity greater than that of the bolt, which remains closed until the fired bullet has left the barrel and pressures inside the bore have been reduced to a safe level before withdrawing together with the bolt carrier.

Type      Assault rifle
Place of origin    Spain
In service            1987–1999
Designer             CETME
Manufacturer   CETME
Produced            1986–1991
Variants               Model LC, Model LV
Cartridge         5.56x45mm NATO
Action             Roller-delayed blowback
Weight 3.4 kg (7.50 lb) (Model L)
3.55 kg (7.8 lb) Length 925 mm (36.4 in) (Model L)
860 mm (33.9 in) stock extended / 665 mm (26.2 in) stock collapsed (Model LC)
Barrel length 400 mm (15.7 in) (Model L)
320 mm (12.6 in) (Model LC)
Rate of fire      600–750 rounds/min (Model L)
650–800 rounds/min (Model LC)
Muzzle velocity          875 m/s (2,871 ft/s) (Model L)
832 m/s (2,729.7 ft/s) (Model LC)
Feed system 12, 20, 30-round STANAG magazine
Effective range           200–400 m sight adjustments
Maximum range          400 m

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