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Automatkarbin 4 Ak 4

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Assault rifle 4 (Ak 4) Fully automatic assault rifle used in the
Försvarsmakten - Swedish Armed Forces

The weapon is a modified Swedish version of the German Heckler & Koch G3.

  • In service 1964-today
  • 7.62 mm x 51 mm NATO
  • Magazine : 20 cartridges
  • Weight 4.25 kg unloaded, 5.3 kg loaded
  • Length 1045 mm Barrels 450 mm
  • Cartridge 7.62 mm x 51 mm NATO
  • Magazine : 20 cartridges Caliber 7.62 mm
  • Mechanism : Rolled Delayed Blowback
  • RATE OF FIRE 500-650 rounds / min
  • Output rate 803 m / s
  • Effective range 500 m

Ak 4

During the early 1960's, was tested in Sweden, a number of different assault rifles, in order to replace the rifle m/96 , snap 38 , Ag m/42 and m/45 tommy gun , which had served as the main armament of the Swedish infantry units since World War II.

However, there were three carbines as they mainly focused on, a Swedish prototype called GRAM , German engineered G3 and Belgian designed FN FAL . All three automatic carbines was tested in two different calibres, 6.5 mm and 7.62 mm. Then 7.62 mm was an international caliber, it was decided in 1962 that Sweden would adopt caliber 7.62 mm, which in aim to reduce prices in connection with the purchase of weapons, but also taking part in ammunition development.

As it turned out that G3 best met the Swedish requirement, G3 was adopted in 1964 as the Army's new standard weapons. However, the weapon had improved 40 basis points compared to the original version of the G3. The background to why the name assault rifle 4 or short-form Ak 4 were adopted is not entirely clear coated. However, it was five assault rifles, which originally formed part of the test. The gun then produced between 1965 and 1970 by Carl Gustaf's Urban ARMS MANUFACTURES in Eskilstuna and the Husqvarna weapons factory in a lake. 1970 bought the Defence Factory Works arms company of Husqvarna , followed karabiner until the 1980s that is only produced in the gun factory in Eskilstuna

Ak 4B

During the late 1990's and early 2000's came the Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) together with Armed Forces to study the new visibility of handguns Ak 4 and Ak fifth In May 2002, the FMV that Aimpoint was the company that won the tender. 60,000 contract involving red dot sights
4 assault rifle, which at that time become the Home Guard main armament was modified and equipped with red dot sight and got to this modification, the new name 4B rifle or short-form Ak 4B. The solids rich resources available on the original is machined away, and instead has a picatinnyskena welded to attach the red cross hair sight.

Ak 4 OR

Assault rifle 4 (4 or Ab) is a run 4 with an assembled rifle scope of the model Hensoldt 4x24. Unlike Ak 4B is a view not mounted on any picatinnyskena but secured by means of clamping jaws which are controlled by a clamp and the locking arm. Force fixed reticle can be used even when the optical sight is mounted on the weapon. Ak 4 OR was specifically designed for sharp shooting.


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